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What are the differences between the various gold options?

Every Dearest piece is crafted with solid 18-karat and 14-karat gold. As pure gold is naturally soft and malleable, it is usually mixed with an alloy to enhance its durability and hardness. Karat conveys the purity of gold with 24-karat as 100% gold, 18-karat as 75% gold, and 14-karat as 58.3% gold

Can I get a certificate of authenticity?

All Dearest jewellery pieces include a Dearest Certificate of Authenticity. Moreover, all our diamonds come with a formal GIA grading report.

Are your diamonds laser treated, clarity- and color-enhanced, or modified in any way?

Every Dearest diamond is 100% natural and untreated.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

Diamonds that are unethically mined and illegally sold to finance wars and violence are known as conflict or blood diamonds. On the other hand, conflict-free diamonds don’t have any connection with terror groups and are not tainted by violence. These are ethically sourced and distributed.

It is important to purchase diamonds that are conflict-free so you do not end up supporting a criminal activity through your jewellery.

Are your diamonds conflict-free?

Dearest is committed to using only conflict-free diamonds and takes pride in our partnership with certifiably conflict-free sources. When you wear Dearest, you can be certain that your jewellery is sustainable and conflict-free.

Does your company have any social commitment or cause?

We are committing 2% of our proceeds to establish the heART School, a world-class institute for jewellery and arts, for underprivileged youth in the Philippines to empower them out of poverty.