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What is a Dearest bespoke jewellery?

A Dearest bespoke piece is the perfect piece of jewellery that tells your story. We love co-designing pieces with our clients. If you’re interested in bespoke piece, please fill out this form or email us at bespoke@weardearest.com.

How does a Dearest bespoke piece differ from those of high street stores?

Many jewellery pieces on the market today use pre-manufactured ring molds. These are jewellery pieces that have been produced using a casting process, creating a thousand copies of the same piece.

With Dearest, you can be confident that each ring is customized to suit your taste and personality - a beautiful representation of your own story. Every Dearest creation is crafted especially for you.

Why should I buy a bespoke piece of jewellery?

Dearest pieces are crafted in our studio using the most exquisite materials. Each piece is made for those who appreciate artisanal craftsmanship, and unique design aesthetic.

Owning your very own bespoke piece allows individual expression and enables you to co-design with us, creating your own story that you can wear everyday.

I want a bespoke piece! What do I do now?

The Dearest bespoke process is simple and fun. First, help us understand your requirements by sending us a quick note through this link. We can then schedule a call to create a shortlist among our design options.

How long does production take and can I speed up the process?

Once we agree on the design, we craft the pieces within 4 weeks. Let us know, if you would like your jewellery at a certain time and we will let you know if we can accommodate it.

Can I include a personalized gift message with my purchase?

Sure, just let us know your message and we will send it with your gift.