About Us

Founded on the need for the cultural importance in each love story, Dearest works to create exceptional experiences and memories for a lifetime.

The Dearest customer wants a sensual relationship with their jewellery, intelligent designs defined by timeless value. The key drivers are craftsmanship and sourcing in order to create immersive personalised tales for every inspirational love story.

Who we are

Dearest is a luxury company that celebrates the beauty, love, self-expression, and the appreciation of romance.

Each Dearest design is rich in beauty and fuses traditional jewellery techniques with design innovations.

Dearest is a modern fine jeweller on a mission to demystify diamonds and gemstones, involving every client in the design process from start to finish.

Choose one of our signature designs to start your journey of co-creation or go fully bespoke and create your own personalised love story.



We strive to create beautiful fine jewellery, made by craftsman, led by luxury.


All our diamonds originate from ethical and conflict-free sources. All gemstones and metals are sourced responsibly.


We commit to provide conversations of romance with jewellery that offers unique love stories.


We provide personal experiences, transparency, and authenticity for every individual design journey.

Where to find Dearest



We ship worldwide

Where to find Dearest

Jason & Chrissy

It started with us, me and my fiancee, meeting with Dearest’s head. Germee regarding the design of our wedding rings. We really enjoyed her company and her capacity to bounce off ideas while interjecting ideas of her own. Initially, we were unsure if it would look good. But when the rings came out, we were really impressed with the way she tackled the setting and how complimentary the wedding ring is with the engagement ring. It can also be worn on its own.

Keith & Elaine

Our wedding rings were made by Dearest and I am very very very happy with the result. We really wanted someone who can make a wedding ring that would match the engagement ring with a unique diamond setting.

Kris & Tata

We had our wedding bands made by Dearest and it was one of the best decisions we made to mark the beginning of our married life. Our wedding bands are a bit unconventional, but they were undestading; they wielded for us rings that celebrated every crack and crevice made by the hands of the artisans and ultimately, they made sure our vision would come to life. The rings are beautiful and really embody our wabi sabi aesthetic.