Trixie’s Wedding Preps | The search for wedding rings continues

A little more seven months into wedding preps, and we’re still on the search for one of the most important things to have for our big day: our wedding rings.


Dearest princess cut diamond center stone on a 14k white gold setting with two layers of halo

My beautiful engagement ring is the basis for the style of my wedding band; they have to match, of course. It’s been quite tricky finding one whose stones match the clarity of my engagement ring diamonds and is not quite eternity, not quite half-eternity—it’s somewhere in the middle. It also shouldn’t be as flashy as my engagement ring, which I can’t wear when I’m just running errands or doing my morning walk. The bride and groom’s wedding bands need not match, too, so my fiancé is looking for a band made of both yellow and white gold, with diamond accents to match mine (yep, he wants his bling, too!).

With these details in mind, we’re likely to get our wedding bands customized. We’ll be wearing these rings for the rest of our lives, so they have to be ones we like to wear and can wear whenever, wherever.


These modern Keat wedding bands are 2.5mm and 4mm thick, and hand-finished with a satin texture.  They can be customized as desired, especially for the modern masculine husband.


Dearest’s clients wanted a pair of wedding rings that would encapsulate their personalities. These were customized in 18k solid raw white gold, with a ruby on one and a black diamond on the other. These rings have an exclusive, non-traditional design. They’re unique and slightly off the beaten path, just like this couple. 

We’ve checked out several jewelry stores, and I found one with an interesting story: that of Dearest, created by young Filipina designer Germee Ronirose Abesamis. The new collection of luxury bridal jewelry is made up of handcrafted customized bridal pieces with designs that are said to reflect the depth, richness, and color of a couple’s special love story.


 This custom 18k rose and white gold Celtic-inspired design is one-of-a-kind and entirely handcrafted.


The Dearest Emilia engagement ring is hand-set with a lustrous 1 carat princess cut diamond, and lined with shimmering pavé diamonds on its 18k yellow gold band. 

Dearest creates fine engagement and wedding rings, among others. Handcrafted by Filipino artisans, every piece is said to be made with commitment to quality, love for beauty, and passion for good design. “Personalized rings from Dearest means your wedding bands are born out of your love and not from an already available mold. Every stone is specifically selected for you, every ring is handcrafted with you in mind. Every ring tells a story. Let us tell yours,” Germee said of Dearest’s mantra.

“We make traditional diamond rings, solitaire, halo or solitaire bands, three-stone rings, or the exact replica of their engagement ring. Our designs are a marriage of the classic and contemporary. While we can create timeless pieces, we can also design non-traditional ones that reflect the eclectic, quirky characters of engaged couples. This way, their jewelry are uniquely theirs,” she explained.


 0.5 carat lucky rose cut diamond engagement ring with 18k yellow gold setting


The Amira engagement ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold with a 0.5 carat round brilliant cut center diamond.


 The Titania engagement ring features two triangle diamond cuts in illusion setting, framed by glittering pavé diamonds, and lined with more diamonds on its 14k white gold band. 

Germee’s own story began in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan where she was born to a family in the jewelry business. After a brief stint in the corporate world and a teaching post at the University of the Philippines that led her to pursue her Masters at the Universita Bocconi in Milan, Italy, it was her own jewelry that she wore that caught the eye of her European friends. “My friends told me that I should be in fashion, and not in finance,” she laughed. Germee then started getting orders.

Dearest customized bridal jewellery tells a couple's story

A collaboration with a Paris-based fashion designer for “LaboEthnik” in 2013 was how her designs were showcased in Europe. The fashion show featured French models wearing her luxurious jewelry pieces made by both Filipino and Italian artisans. This, and the rave reviews of friends and other artisans, inspired her to take a leap and finally start her own jewelry business. Soon, Germee’s creations found its way to Aurelia Khazan, a Parisian ingénue who wore them in the Cannes Film Festival at the launch of her film Love Me Haiti. She also had clients in London where she was based in 2013 and again in 2016.

Germee also lived in Vicenza, the jewelry capital of Italy, and created jewelry alongside Italian master artisans. After living in this quaint city and imbibing its culture for almost a year, Germee established her business: Ronirose and Dearest Jewellery.


Germee at the launch of Dearest Bridal Jewellery Collection

Her good friends who got engaged were Dearest’s first clients. The rings Germee made for them were customized. Each stone and the intricate weave symbolized the years they have been journeying as individuals and how they were finally beginning a new one together.


 The Thalia engagement ring features a 0.5 carat round brilliant cut diamond with side stones, all handset in beautiful 18k white gold.


Dearest flower ring with a 0.3carat center diamond and two marquise garnet pieces on a 14k setting


The Dearest Yalleia engagement ring prominently features four brilliant princess cut diamonds at the center, with radiant pavé diamonds on its 14k white gold band, hand-finished in their studio.


The Aerys engagement ring is hand-set with nine princess cut diamonds in illusion setting, bordered by shimmering pavé diamonds, and strewn with more diamonds on its 14k white gold band. 

If you’re thinking of proposing to your significant other or getting hitched anytime soon and are still looking for the perfect ring, you may want to consider this local brand.

To know more about Dearest, check out You may also call them at +63905-2492635.

by Trixie Reyna | April 25, 2017