Designing your own engagement and wedding ring? It’s a YES!


Yup, the answer is “yes,” and you can even tell your love story through customized jewelry. Here’s how…

This is what Dearest Jewelry is all about and designer, Germee Ronirose Abesamis, the woman behind Dearest, specializes in customized wedding jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding bands.

She is also venturing into e-commerce so clients can order their customized rings wherever they are.  Abesamis, who trained with artisans in Italy, is open to partnerships with entrepreneurs who might be interested to collaborate with her in this exciting business of online shopping for fine customized jewelry that is fast gaining traction nowadays.

As founder and creative director of Dearest, Abesamis gives some design ideas and guidelines on how to customize your love bands:


  • Classic with a twist. Classic designs include an engraving of the couple’s names and the date of the wedding. Put a little twist by having your initials etched on either side. You can also swap signatures in each ring or have your thumb marks imprinted on the rings.


  • The right match may not necessarily match. Wedding bands don’t have to match as most couples don’t always have the same personality (opposites attract, remember?). Finding a common element that will tie up your love story without compromising individuality is a great way to achieve a design that echoes your common ground: love. Shared interests such as The Lord of the Rings (or even Star Wars!) can be an inspiration. Personalities can also be depicted in the color, shape, or raw rings of your own finish.  “For men’s rings, I love solid masculine ones with a little personalization on thickness, shape, finish, on the inside – depending on their preference,” Abesamis said.

Germee Ronirose Abesamis is a Filipina designer who has embarked in the business of designing customized bridal pieces.

  • Immortalize your secret. Wedding bands becomes more exciting and memorable if it includes a secret story or a symbol that only the couple knows. Dearest Jewelry once made a ring inspired by “moon and stars”, a secret code by the couple that was incorporated in the design.



  • Use cultural symbols. Incorporating symbols from your culture for a multi-cultural couple is a good idea. Dearest Jewelry has designed a ring with three triquetra symbols, an Irish Infinity knot to mean “forever.”


  • How about some life inspirations? One groom decided to place five stones in the bride’s customized wedding ring by Dearest—symbolizing and giving honor to the five women who have served as her inspiration.


  • Find a unique concept that you both love. Abesamis once created a personal ambigram logo that served as a symbol of the couple’s combined name, executed in Old English or calligraphy form. One wedding ring had a tiger’s eye and the groom’s birth stone integrated in his ring.


  • What do you love doing together? Have it etched forever. For those who love to travel, a plane, luggage, or a landmark of a memorable place can be the rings’ inspiration. Did she say yes in Paris? Then have the Eiffel Tower engraved on it. One couple who loves to eat together had some squiggles and a fork designed into their bands.


  • Pick specifications together. Find the stone that you both love and discuss the possibilities that could be created out of your mutual design and budget. A unique stone, like Dearest’s latest design that is a triangle-shaped diamond on a wedding band, made one couple happy,” Abesamis said.  “Picking stones is both a science and an art. We can help find the perfect stone for you, maximizing your investment in wearable art.” By sitting down and creating your design together, no ring will be quite like yours and will be a personal reflection of your love.


  • Find an experienced jeweler that you can trust. Start with asking about the jeweler’s previous works; then find if there are designs that impressed you. Assess their knowledge, artistry and passion of the craft by the concepts that they suggest—style, weight, uniqueness of ideas and quality of stones. Personal recommendations by friends should also matter before you collaborate. Founded on the idea that engagement and wedding rings are more than just accessories, Dearest Jewelry is made to reflect your journey. “We work closely with couples to create exquisite rings that celebrate life’s most important moments. Because we believe that every ring tells a story. We can help you tell yours,” Abesamis concluded.

(To know more about Dearest, check out; FB: weardearest; Instagram: weardearest or Whatsapp +63945 463 6295.)

by womantodayadmin | Woman Today | September 11, 2018